12:12 Global Stargate Activation

Dear friends, sisters & brothers
Come and join us and help yourself and the world to co-create our New Earth. We are gathering at the 12:12 at the time for the next cosmic stargate, after 11:11. These stargates help us to open up to attune to the new Earth Templates of the New Time and to the Higher Divine Love frequencies that we can receive at this time. 

Every December between 12/12 and 21/12 a cosmic gateway into higher dimensions are open. 12:12 is a universal ascension code to access divine consciousness, connect with the 12 dimensions of the universe, connect with the 12 tribes of the Great Central Sun and activate our 12 strand DNA. The numbers of 12:12 is a sacred symbol that represents your spiritual growth as an infinite spiritual being. 

All of these new activations of Divine Love in this New Time is to help you to come into a place of unconditional love and self-love, so that you do not need to seek and look outside of you anymore, to increase a deeper feeling of love, trust and peace inside of you and to increase your service to our beloved Mother Earth and all of humanity.

This activation will help you tune into the new Earth Templates of the New Time, to embody your body deeper into your feminine and masculine soul here on earth. You will be attuned to your whole self and the knowing that you are an aspect of Source Consciousness and experience this through your physical body. You will receive and align ourselves to the highest frequence of Divine Love, that you can attune to at this time. All these codes, upgradings, keys and frequencies will work in different dimensions of your multidimensional self as you walk the Path of Love.

We will enter in and activate your Merkabic field so that you can come in alignment with your body, heart, womb/hara and soul to Unity Concsiousness and One-Unified-Heart. You will open to, activate and receive the golden light of Divine Love energy that will awaken Divine Love within you and activate higher frequencies to access the New Earth realm of 5D, 6D & 7D Earth. From this place you open your remembering and knowing that you are love and a co-creator of “the Big Dream”.

You are here to dissolve your karmic timelines and fully step into the new earth timeline, this christed timeline, the new love frequence, that is the frequence of the new earth in the 5th 6th 7th dimension. We are still cleansing and releasing everything that is preventing us to fully be and feel love, to remember who we are and fully step into service. We are here to Re-Claim our own Sovereignty and to Embrace All That We Are. 

We will gather together with our Sisters and Brothers, Star Beings, Light Bearers, Earthkeepers, Gridworkers and Wayshowers from all around the planet, in a big energetic circle around the world to form a “group-field-of-love” to Co-Create Our New Earth. 
You can choose to come to sit in a physical circle in Stockholm or joining in through the cosmic web in a podcast. If you can´t attend live you can attend through podcast or listen to the recording of the activation later, in your own time and space. All participants will receive the recording. The activation is encoded with the codes and frequences for all time and are effective whenever you receive it. 

Welcome dear sisters & brothers to join us wherever you are.

In Love <3
Camilla & the White Rose

More info & Register

WHERE: Physical Circle – Heart & Hand – Isis Goddesstemple – Allhelgonag 5A, Stockholm
Energetic through White Rose webcast or recording later in your own time and space.

WHEN: 12 december at 12 (timezone) (see your own time zone here)

For all that is coming to Isis Goddesstemple we open the doors at 10.30 am and we close the doors at 3 pm. You can buy some te, coffee, raw lunch & cakes at our White Rose Café. 

INVESTMENT: 120 sek/12 euro

Send your payment to  https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#XMKYHB7KWLPQZSQC or you can pay by Swish 0706-613334 or at the door to the temple. If you pay by swish or at the door – don’t forget to email/leave your email to receive the recording.

For more information go to  www.thewhiterose.se 
or email