White Rose - Soulful Man Circle - 15th December in Stockholm

Soulful Man
He who walks the Path of Love and Truth
He who is a Sacred Man, Living from his Heart & Soul
Embodied in his true Masculine Essence.

The Soulful Man is a journey into your deepest essence and masculine soul. We embark deeply on the Path of Love. We walk this path with many others. It is time to come together and hear HIS call, to say YES to our souls, and Yes to Life. It is a 
journey to deeper embodyment of the sacred masculine, men meeting men in a sacred circle soul to soul.

We gather in a sacred circle, men meeting men, brother to brother, soul to soul. We awaken our sacred Masculine Bodies, Haras and our Masculine Soul and the inherent wisdom within. In a Sacred Space we merge our soul, body, mind, hara & heart. 

It is through your emotional and spiritual vulnerability that you open and become concious of your shadows, your masks and your wounds. The journey through these places opens you to deeper love and to live a living life. It is through your willingness to grow, curiosity of all places within you, your soulful longing for union, your courage of taking the steps required, your humility to embrace all that life serves you and the power to manifest your change in life as you embody your soulful man.

Soulful Man is a journey where you curiously get to explore and open for your True Self and the Soulful Man you ARE. In the depths of your soul, your hara, your body and your heart you will find the purest love, the deepest passion and the true masculine power. This process is a soul journey that prepares you to take your place in the world in a new powerful, authentic and loving way. Being able to meet yourself and all your relationships from an authentic place.

From this presence, your authentic place, you enter into your close relationships and meet, see and feel your partner, your children, your brothers, your sisters, your friends, your parents, your coworkers and yourself. From a deep and relaxed place of being You - a Soul Man. A place where " the whole of you” fits in.

We feel honoured to invite you to this powerful and Sacred space, a journey into yourself and into the endless cosmos. I am here to support you, encourage your healing, your awakening and your development. It is a life-changing process.

It would be wonderful if you would like to join this masculine journey into your own sovereign King, together with other men in the circle.

In Love ♥ ∞
Camilla, Fredrik and Adrian

Practical information

WHEN: 15th of December at 14.00-16.30

WHERE: Isis Gudinnetempel Södermalm
Allgelgonagatan 5A, Stockholm

COST: Donation. Recommended Investment 200-400 SEK (€20-40). All fundings goes to the manifestation of "the Big Dream". 

SPACE-KEEPER: The circle is held and guided by Camilla Åkerström, Fredrik Carlsson and Adrian Brorman

SIGN UP: Sign up by paying the donation to:
Swish 0706-613334, BG 760-6411 
PayPal: www.paypal.me/whiteroseofthenorth

then send a email to