In the Footsteps of Mother Mary
Mother Mary has come now to invite us and to awaken and enter into the embrace of the Mother Divine and the Beloved Father who send her. Join the White Rose on a magical journey to Turkey into the hidden story of the Marys, the birth land of Mother Mary


Infinite Wisdom - merging with Mother Whale
We offer you this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to a sacred journey deep into the depths of the Ocean to merge with Mother Whale. She holds the balance and harmony in the universe in and through Gaia and out in the whole universe. This is absolutely beyond anything you can imagine.


The Ancient Land of the Thousand suns
White Bear and Ancient White Temple - The Ancient Land of the Thousand suns. Welcome to a sacred journey to meet the Northern radiant green Light, the white glaciers and the blue ice. 


In the Footseps of Mary Magdalene
In this new age of the world many new “hidden truths” and rememberings are arising. The voices of the Magdalenas and the Marys are rising.. 

Northern Norway

Northern light, Dragons & Orcas
Welcome to the Ancient Mysteries of the North. Come and recieve the healing of the Northern Light, connect with the Northern pentagram of the primordial feminine, open to recieve the ancient Wisdom from the Elves and Vanirs, see and connect with the ancient dragons and re-connect with the people from the stars, Orcas and Primordial Mother in theese ancient land of the North..


Walking with Elephants
The Elephants are keepers and holds the balance in the Universe as they wanders on Gaias grids. Like the whales they are keepers of the new "Love-consciousness" and holds its frequencies and vibration. Welcome to this sacred Journey to the Garden of Eden.