Infinite Wisdom - Swi,m with Humpbacks in Tonga - 2019

Come and join Camilla and merge with Mother Whale - Absolute Magic!


This Sacred Journey is absolutely beyond anything you can imagine. To be swimming in the Great Ocean and meet this infinite Ocean Giants are absoultely magic. To swim and play with the Baby Humpback calf, to be in the middle of a "Hit Run" where 11 majestic males compeete over a female humpback, and to merge in the ocean together with Mother Whale is absolute beyond. Totally Amazing. Not only theese increadible meetings in the water,  but also to live on an absolute inhabitat island in the middle of the South pacific, eat gporgious food, see the sunset, swim in the healing ocean, to do morning Yoga and whale meditations to atune with all thise energies, sharing love and beaurtiful experiences with other beautiful people and recieve infinite gifts from the universes. 
Memories that will last forever. Absolute  Amazing!!


The Humpbakc whales holds the balance and harmony in the universe,
in and through Gaias and out in the whole Universe.

Welcome to Tonga, one of two places in the world you can leagally swim with Humpbacks

We offer you this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join Camilla in a 10 day long scared journey deep into the depths of Ocean to merge with Mother Whale. We are a small group of 8 that will be together in this beautiful island, Eueiki Island in the northern Island group of Vava’u, Tonga  Tonga is one of two places in teh world where you can leagally swim with the humpbackwhales. the Humpbacks are an endangered species. The Humpbacks are in two lage families, the Northern and the Southern hemipheres and they hold the balance and harmony in the universe.

During this magical stay we will stay at Treasure Island Eco Resort in Plolynesian Fales (huts) directly on the beach. This resort has the best and most beautiful powered sand beach in all of Tonga and is truly a South Pacific offshore private island dream destination.. The resort is the only habitant on the island. Offshore of the resort is two entrances into the lagoon which is the calving ground for the humpback whales. So we are staying in the center of the whale nursery during the whale swim season.

Camilla has been swimming and communing with dolphins and whales for 10 years, mostly in Hawaii, but also in Tonga and Northern Norway to meet the Orcas. Last year was her first time meet the Humpbacks from the Southern hemisphere and that was a journey that was totally beyond imagine. She met the Humpbacks both in the water and in the heavenly realms. She met the Golden Whale pods from the higher celestial diomensions. The humpbacks, both in the celestial realms and in the embodied form in the earth realm,  are very light and higfh in their energies and vibrations, the are all high developed masters. 

The Humpback whales holds the balance and harmony in the universe, in and through Gaia and out in the whole Universe. They have come here to help us activate  theese codes and frequencies within us. Theese magical creatures interact with us in form and thorugh light- and  sound-waves thorugh the whole universe. The carry the uniqe 
frequencies of Unity Consciousness and divine love. They are keepers of the new "Loveconsaciousness" and holds its frequence and vibration. The Humpback whales help us to re-activate theese codes and frequencies inside of us and to anchor us deeper into our bodies. The Whales helps us to remember who we are and were we come from. The helpo us back to our original blueprint and into "One-Unified-Heart" och your own divinity. 

Magical encounters ......

Trip Details 9 nights/10 days

Spaces: 12

Retreat Fee: 34 500 SEK for retreat, whaleswim, food & accommodation. Space is secured with a non-refundable 4500 SEK.

When: 2019

Stay: In Polynesian fales (double occupancy) at Vreasure Island Eco Resort, Eueiki island, Vavaú

Sign Up:
Upon signing up you will receive an bank/PayPal information to secure your deposit of 4500 SEK. After the deposit is processed you will receive further information detailing arrival/departing information, etc.

The retreat will be held in English and Swedish

For more information contact Camilla or +46-706-613334

* Airport & boat transfers in Vava’u.
* 9 nights at Treasure Island Eco Resort, Eueiki island
* 3 meals every day – vegetarian/fish/seafood
* 5 days on the water - Whale Swim
* 5 days on the water with prof. whales guides. Opportunities to snorkel in coral reefs | in underwater caves | beachcomb on uninhabited islands
* Daily Snorkelling.
* Morning meditations/Yoga
* Sharingcircles
* Cultural events as Sundaychurch, Cava Ceremony and cultural dance/sing
* Lots of fun!

* Tips
* Airfares (International/Domestic) to Tonga & Vavaú
* Alcohol / Soft Drinks
* Travel Insurance

Requred for the trip:
*Wind Stopper jacket / Rain Coat
* Mosquitorepåellent
*Long Sleeve shirt
* Any personal medication
* Snorkelling gear/wet suits - shorty (you can also borrow from the resort)

Cancellation Policy
 Once journey has commenced, no refunds will be made for any unused services and clients will be responsible for their travel arrangements and insurance. You pay a deposit to secure your place that is non-refundable. If a cancellation is made within two month (60 days) prior to journey, we will reimburse the cost of the journey up to 25% minus the deposit which is non refundable upon booking the journey. If a cancellation is made within 3 months (90 Days) prior to journey we will reimburse the cost of the journey up to 50 % minus the deposit which is non refundable upon booking the journey. Cancellations made by "the White Rose of the North" will be reimbursed in full.