Northern Light, Dragons & Orcas

Come and connect with the ancient Beartribe that was here from beginning of time, recieve the healing of the Northern Light, connect to the Northern pentagram of the primordial feminine, open to recieve the ancient Wisdom from the Elves and Vanirs, see and connect with the ancient dragons and re-connect with the people from the stars, Orcas and Primordial Mother in theese ancient lands of the North.


Journey to our Roots and our inherent forgotten wisdom

We travel to Lofoten in Northern Norway and stay in a house in the middle of a pentagram in the vibration of beautiful strong energies. We will do deep womb/hara work, connect with the Northern Light, the mountain of the Reindeer and the people of the Beartribe that calls us back to our roots, our original "blueprints", Venus and Hathors that are here to help us activate deeper into our hearts. We connect with Mother Whale and the deep fiord and experience its vast stillness and depth. 
We will do deep womb/hara work, rise our frequences and connect to a higher love consciousness, anchor a deeper womb/hara-consciousness and be initiated into the wisdom of the Beartribe. 

In the evenings we relax in a outdoor hot tub beneath the stars and the shimmering northern light. One day during this week we will travel north to Andenes, the centre for Orcas, killer whales. Together with the whales theese huge dolphin animals keep the harmony and the balance in the whole universe. Their vibration are linked to our wombs/haras and from this place we manifest and surrender to God, Universe, to everything That Is. 

Through this portal we meet the Universal Womb, the Godess. The place where our inner "web of life" meets the outer "web of life". This whale excursion will be an initiation into a deep activation and opening of your womb/hara.
During this 6-days retreat you will be guided by Camilla Åkerström.

Warmly welcome into this multidimensional place and to the higher dimensions. 

For more info connect with Camilla Åkerström at or

Welcome Sisters & Brothers of Light.
With Love  <3
Camilla .

Journey Package

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