- SVALBARD -                            

White Bear and Ancient White Temple - The Ancient Land of the Thousand suns.
Welcome to a sacred journey to meet the Northern radiant green Light, the white glaciers and the blue ice.  



Svalbard -
The Blue land in the North

We embark on the ice-rated ship Stålbas which will be our home for 5 days while we move north in the clear, cold Barents Sea. The ship has comfortable cabins and serves us well-prepared and good food. The crew are a true navigators of the Arctic Ocean, with great respect for nature, wildlife and history. They take us along the coastside with the mountain peaks and huge glacier whose edges fall steep right into the ocean several hundred meters.

During our journey, we will meet a rich wildlife, both at sea and on land. Our experienced guides are bird watchers and will take us to secure meetings and exciting observations. We will make several stops where we with small boats have the opportunity to get close and go ashore in several places.

One stop will be the Pyramid, the abandoned mining village, named after the mountain which is shaped like a pyramid.
Further north of our journey we go as far into the Magdalenafjord that open water allows. The fjord is several kilometers wide and surrounded by incredibly beautiful scenery with grandiose rock formations and blue-greenish shimmering glaciers. Here we hope to go ashore and explore the nature.
If the weather permits, then we continue straight out to sea and look for the blue whales and in front of the arctic ice maybe a rendez-vous with the White Bear.

In September, the daylight decreases every day and the day begins to be replaced by the magical Blue light that places a light blue ice skimmer of expectation and magic all over the landscape. Like that the boundaries between now and then and future is erased and everything meets there simultaneously. In the autumn, the Northern Light begins to invite us to its magnificent
performance with cascades of purple and green in the evening sky. At sea, we can experience it as most, with only darkness surrounding us.
When our cruise reaches its end and we arrive at Longyearbyen again, we embark and spend one or two nights in a modern and comfortable apartment in the middle of town, within walking distance to most things.
Svalbard or Spetsbergen, which also is the name, has 3000 inhabitants, of which 2000 live in Longyearbyen and there are about 1000 polar bears living there since ancinet times, so if we meet, awareness and respect from us visitors is required.

One of the days we will visit the Tempelfjord with dog sleigh, eager Siberian Husky dogs carrying us over the mountain with magnificent nature and the cleanest air. We get as close as we can to have a good view at the Temple, the mountain with hollowed formation wich reminds of of ancient temple decorations.

The Journey

The Blue land in the North - Svalbard, is calling us home. Home to our Mother, to God, to our souls. It is the primordial land where the un-touched purity can be felt, almost feeling as pure when our souls once were newly created and born from God. This majestic landscape, so magnificent, so beautiful, with the sparkling glaciers of turquoise ice, vibrant as pure crystals in the Highest
Consciousness, where the ocean is endless and deep and invites to surrender to the Mystery, to the void, to Divinity. Everything wrapped in the Blue light that is the Mother´s love, Her light. The silence, the stillness and the vast expanses of the glacier are the total presence of the Mother, where nothing else is needed it
merely IS. The brilliant glaciers release it´s turqoise sweet water down into the Mothers salty ocean where it blends and merge and carries the ancient wisdom and love from the ice into all the oceans of the world. The green fluorescent light from the north, our brother Northern Light, is dancing, vibrant across the
island, raining down all the Love to all Humans and down into Mother Earth, and if we listen carefully, we can hear this Light deep inside our souls, this messages of Divine Love. The wise animals are our companions and guides and we can journey with them on the paths they are walking.

In this arctic landscapewe find the White Bear leading us home to our soul, the reindeer wandering between the realms, the arctic fox, The seals and walruses wich dwell on the vast Arctic ice are Her children and their eyes reflects the black light, the void, the Great Mystery. The bird life is a myriad of different variety and forms that
coexist in the dramatic mountain ranges with their pointed peaks, so steep and falling straight into the ocean. In this endless arctic ocean and deep fjords, Mother Whale swims in many different species, humpback whales, orcas, blue whales, holding the Love with their soft, feminine, flowing energy.

These journeys and spaces held by Camilla Åkerström are totally beyond. It is not only a physical journey together where we experience beauty and joy with our senses, but a journey where we can really have the opportunity to FEEL and SEE with our souls, to open up feelings and memories inside our bodies and souls, so we can remember even more why we are here on Earth and the wisdom and love within us. These journeys are multidimensional and Camilla guides us and shows us the way how we can open and get in touch with it and what vibrates in the place in the most magical way. Journeying with Camilla is magic. These journeys are with such a deep respect, honour, and humility towards all life, towards Mother Earth, towards ourselves and each other.



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